We Bring the Airport Field Trip to Your School

An exciting, no-cost STEM program for schools, libraries, scouts, and camps.


How Our Programs Work

The Why Fly Alone Foundation will discuss our lesson plan in preparing students for this program with your teachers or staff. We will ask teachers how we can help expand their current STEM curriculum or programs and will provide material from the Pilot2Pilot.com blog, as well as other sources, for their class or group to learn more about careers in technology, aviation, and aerospace.

The Why Fly Alone Foundation team will provide handouts to all students/participants attending the program that covers many of the topics our presenters will be discussing. Educators should encourage the attending students to have their parents and guardians at our program. This will help to strengthen the bonds between parents /guardians, children, and educators.

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What Children Get From Our Program

During our presentation, students will have the opportunity to sit in the airplane and experience how the flight controls and avionics operate. A pilot will be sitting in the right seat next to them explaining how to operate the controls and avionics. There will be no ignition key near the plane.

Our presenters will discuss the current shortages in technology, aviation, and aerospace jobs including engineering, commercial pilots, aviation mechanics, and more. They will also provide reading materials explaining the needs and the urgent attention to the shortages occurring today in these many fields.

There will also be participation by the following professionals and organizations:

  • Flight Schools - Mid Island Flight School will provide one or two flight instructors to discuss a career in aviation and aerospace and answer questions. Discuss how and why they became interested in flight training and how General Aviation can help you with your interests. Sport pilot license and the many other aviation careers.
  • Federal Aviation Administration - Two FAA representatives will discuss their background, how and why they became interested in an FAA career. They will give examples of other aviation career paths in the government, such as jobs within the National Transporation Safety Board (NTSB), pilots, and the many other government aviation programs that offer great career opportunities.
  • U.S. Military - Our driver that brings the folding wing aircraft to your program will be a Veteran from one of the U.S. Armed Services branches, and who also has an aviation background. They will discuss the military's role in aviation as well as their background including how and why they chose a military career.
  • Commercial Airlines - A pilot, navigator, or other individuals that are working in commercial aviation will discuss their career, as well as the many careers and other positions available in commercial aviation.
  • Aircraft Mechanic - Discuss their background, how and why they chose this career.
  • Avionics Technician - Discuss background how and why they chose this career.

During the program, a helicopter from the news media or the police aviation unit may fly by as well!

Program Length & Aircraft Display Area Needed

Please allow five minutes time for five or six speakers. Our airplane is 35 feet wide and 23 feet long, which is about the same size as five parking spaces in an average parking lot.

The Why Fly Alone Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. All donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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