Why Our Members Are Saying

The following are real testimonials from WhyFlyAlone.com members.


"I took a break from aviation before COVID 19 which lasted over two years. I knew I always wanted to come back to flying but wanted to slowly get back into it. I remember prior to walking away from aviation, I attended a safety seminar at Mid Island Air Service in Long Island, NY (KISP). I recalled WhyFlyAlone when it was known as Pilot2Pilot. I saw a flight posted on their website and reached out to the posting pilot who turned out to be John.

I literally just wanted to get back into flying and wanted to fly with another Pilot rather then immediately take a lesson and be focused on training rather than “enjoy” it once again. I reached out to John via phone and eventually met with him at Brookhaven airport (KHWV). John and I were strangers but understood the “mission” and had an enjoyable time in the pattern and getting that “old feelling again”. Of course, it all came back, and I remembered why I enjoyed flying in the first place.

Fast forward, I continued to re-gain proficiency and served as a Flight Instructor at Mid Island while also flying Part 91 to continue my growth and journey. I currently serve as a First Officer for a reputable Part 135 organization and continue to grow in the craft where I always wanted to be FLYING.

I owe whyflyalone.com a lot for helping me “get back in it” and I attribute a significate portion of my success to WhyFlyAlone and John. I like to say we took off as strangers but ultimately landed as lifelong friends. WhyFlyAlone is a positive organization and I truly feel it is a great way to get back and keep flying."

- Frank Cestaro, Long Island, NY