WhyFlyAlone.com Membership Benefits

Whether you're a pilot or just an aviation enthusiast, you get a lot when you join WhyFlyAlone.com


Why fly alone when flying together will introduce you to new equipment, new airports, new friends, and new experiences — all while lowering your cost to fly?

Lower Your Flying Costs

Flying is expensive. When your share that burden you reduce the cost of flying and fly more often.

Do the math - flying alone costs twice as much as flying with another pilot. As a WhyFlyAlone.com member, we will connect you with other local GA pilots who want to fly in your area with other member pilots. Imagine, making new friends, learning from them, and splitting the cost of fuel and other flying expenses. What could be better?

Get Exposure For Your Pilot-owned Business

A free business listing in the WhyFlyAlone.com Aviation Directory with your membership.

Pilots always want to support fellow pilots, so having your business listed in the WhyFlyAlone.com Aviation Directory is a great way to generate more sales and more customers. Even if your business doesn't specifically serve the aviation community, you can list it and flag it as "Pilot-owned" so other pilots can support you on the ground. The business listing alone is worth the cost of membership, whether you are currently flying or not!

Start Flying With Other Pilots

Finally, a website for pilots and other aviation enthusiasts to network with each other.

Most pilots train alone, practice alone, get their Certificates alone, and wind up flying alone. With WhyFlyAlone.com you will be able to find pilots in your area that you can fly with. When pilots fly together it opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the sky and on the ground.

Flight Observer Program (FOP)

Experience what flying is like before getting in the pilot's seat.

If you are thinking about taking flying lessons, are just curious about flying in a small plane, or are just a Certificated pilot who's a bit rusty and isn't ready to take the controls yet, or Flight Observer Program (FOP) is perfect for you. Many of our member pilots, some who are flight instructors, may offer the availability of a rear seat to join their flight as an observer. This program is perfect for rusty pilots, student pilots, STEM students, or aviation enthusiasts. Take advantage of observing and experiencing a flight at no cost to you.

Educating Tomorrow’s Pilots Today

WhyFlyAlone.com wants to inspire children of all ages to explore the fascinating world of aviation and aerospace.

Let us introduce your students to the world of aviation and aerospace by bringing real aircraft to your school, and by meeting and talking with pilots in their community. Our educational activities make a great addition to any school’s curriculum or STEM program.

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